Payroll Giving :

If you are interested in Payroll Giving, please contact Pascal HUS, who will set up the Payroll Giving for the company you work for and help you choose the project to support.

Usually, the setup of the Payroll Giving program is quite easy for companies using the ASPAL software (by TELINDUS): simply check the box that will activate the Payroll Giving feature! 
In case your company is using a different software than ASPAL, PADEM helps you with the setup.

Absolutely nothing! 

They will be no extra charges for Payroll Givers or the company.

Payroll Giving makes it easy to uphold the ethical standards of the company and contribute to a good cause of your choice.

The members of the consortium can refuse or put an end to a collaboration that would be unsuccessful or that would be liable to question its values, the safety of its employees and beneficiaries, or its brand image.

Before entering into a partnership relationship, consortium members consider each proposal for collaboration on a case-by-case basis by analysing the company’s general data, its areas of activity, its policy of social and/or environmental responsibility, controversies and lawsuits that may affect it, as well as its image and reputation.

They must comply with the following conditions:

  1. Be located on Luxembourg territory.
  2. Do not practice in the following areas:
  • The production or trade of arms or weapons parts, tobacco and alcohol, and any undertaking investing in the production of these sectors and in the production of the extractive industries, the production of chemicals for agriculture, the production and trade of GMOs, land grabbing and the auditing of large multinationals.
  • Respect the following ethical criteria:
  • No violations of human rights and fundamental labour rights.
  • No active contribution to conflict.
  • No predatory or illegal business practices.
  • No production and marketing of products that harm human health.
  • No environmental degradation having a major impact on biodiversity and human health.
  • Not to have been convicted in court or in the course of legal proceedings in Luxembourg or in the world for criminal or criminal acts, such as fraud, extortion of funds, money laundering, the financing of terrorism and other serious acts affecting human rights and the environment.

Companies that have already adopted Payroll Giving :