• The concept

    Employees of a company voluntarily donate some cents of their salary to a humanitarian project.

  • How does this work ?

    Payroll Giving is a function of your payroll software that takes care of everything, once it’s installed !

  • Complete freedom
    Payroll Givers may donate as much money as they want, alter the amount of money given or even stop if they choose to.

  • What projects or NGO am I supposed to support ? 
    Payroll Givers and the company are free to choose between a variety of humanitarian projects. The chosen project will be one of the Payroll Giving's Consortium's projects.

Every project has precise goals, and follows one or several of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals purposed by the UN in 2015 : 

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No charges

Wether you are employee or employer, no charges will be applied on the amount given.

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All your data are protected

The system is GDPR compliant : all your data stay always protected.

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Totally flexible

You can decide to change the amount given at any time, and you can stop whenever you want.

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Quick, simple, automatic

Once set up and configured, the Payroll software make the process totally automatic, easy and with no waste of time.